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What is Bail:

Bail application is lodged when someone is detained by the UKBA.  You have a right to apply for bail if you have been detained for at least 7 days.

If you are in custody over an immigration matter, either being an over stayer or for asylum reasons, we can help you to apply for bail to get you released from the detention. An Immigration Bail is a request or an application either to the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) or to the Immigration Judge for release of a person from immigration detention. 

We can deal with your application from start to finish that my include instructing barristers to appear at court on your behalf.  

Role of Sureties in bail matters:

The purpose of sureties is to act as potential guarantors that you will not breach the conditions of bail when released. 

 There could be one or two sureties in immigration bail matters.   The sureties are required to provide their details such as proof of their addresses and financial means. If the sureties are expected to have no criminal convictions or insecure immigration status.  Moreover the sureties are required to attend he court for bail hearing with their proof of ID, address, occupation, and financial status.    

There is a sum of money required by the immigration court or the UKBA if an application of bail is directly made to them which is usually around £2000.   

What are the criteria for Bail?

Bail may be granted with the following conditions:

·         You must reside at an address given by your sureties, report to an immigration officer, must return to stand before an immigration judge for a bail renewal hearing and submit a sum of money that you will be prepared to lose for breaching any conditions of bail

What we can do for you?

At Longfellow Solicitors, we will look after your bail application from start to finish in the best possible way at an amazing low cost.  Your application would undergo the following stages with us:

  1. A detail assessment of your case considering your particular circumstances.  
  2. Explaining the procedure and requirements in more depth in the light of your particular circumstances. 
  3. Advising you on all the necessary documents required to satisfy the visa requirement. 
  4. Completing all the relevant forms and other paperwork on your behalf.
  5. Drafting legal grounds in support of your application.
  6. A qualified immigration solicitor and accredited immigration supervisor supervising throughout the conduct of your case.   
  7. Submitting your application to the relevant immigration office.
  8. Keeping you up to date on the progress of your application. 

Our Fee:

We will charge you a fixed fee of £900 for our professional services to make a bail application that also include the cost of representing you at court during the bail hearing.  You are guaranteed the best price for the quality of professional service you get.  There are no hidden charges and this is the final amount that you would pay.  

Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone to discuss your matter further. 


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