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Work Permit

What is the purpose of Work Permit?

This category enables you to enter the UK if you on the basis of you are medium or highly skilled worker with an offer of employment in the UK..

You need to have a sponsor in the UK holding a Certificate of Sponsorship. 

Who is Licensed Sponsor?

A person or a company with a Certificate of Sponsor is eligible to employ workers from overseas.  The sponsor needs to be registered with the Home Office in order to assign Certificates of Sponsorship to applicants under the Tier 2 Employment Visa category.

What is the requirement of Tier 2 Work Permit?

Following is the main requirement:

You will need to score a pass mark of 70 points from the three sets of criteria: Attributes, Maintenance and English language. 


You must score at least 50 points in three categories, namely: sponsorship, qualifications; and prospective earnings.


A potential employer will only issue a certificate of sponsorship if you are filling a vacancy that requires a worker with skills at NVQ level 3 or above and will comply with the conditions of your permission to stay and leave the United Kingdom when your leave expires.

A certificate of sponsorship for a job on a shortage occupation list you will be awarded 50 points and a certificate of sponsorship for a job not covered by the shortage occupation list, but having passed the resident labour market test, will be awarded 30 points.


An applicant can score up to 15 points for their qualifications. Points will only be awarded points for the highest level qualification that you hold and will be awarded in the following way:


Points awarded

No qualifications


NVQ level 3


Bachelors or Masters




Prospective earnings

An applicant can score up to 20 points for their prospective earnings. Points will be awarded in the following way:


20,000 - 21,999


22,000 - 23,999


24,000 +


Maintenance Requirement:  

You must score 10 points in this category by showing that you are able to support yourself in the UK.  

To score these points you will need to show that you have £800 in savings that you will be able to use while in the United Kingdom. If you intend to bring dependants you will need to show you have a further £533 for each dependant.

Your sponsors may certify in the Certificate of Sponsorship that they will if necessary maintain and accommodate you for the first month of the employment to overcome this requirement.

You must not have recourse to public funds and must not work for any other employer other than your sponsor. 

Evidence of personal savings

The following forms of evidence are acceptable: 

Personal Bank or Building Society statement, Building Society pass book, A letter from a bank, building society or other financial institution which is officially regulated in either the UK or the applicants home country

In all cases the evidence should be original, should clearly relate to the applicant and should bear the issuing institution's name and logo. Statements generated electronically should bear the stamp of the relevant institution on each page.

English language skills

This is a mandatory requirement and you must score 10 points in this category by showing that you are able to speak English to a basic standard. 

You will need to show that you are competent in the English language by passing a test in English equivalent to the appropriate level, coming from a majority English speaking country; or having taken a degree taught in English (verified using national academic recognition information centre data).

The UKBA has published a list containing ‘shortage occupations’.  If you intend to work in those areas then you are not required to satisfy ‘resident labour market test’.  You are required to show that the above test was carried out if you are presenting a Certificates of Sponsorship issued to you in areas outside the shortage occupations.  The UKBA issued ‘Codes of Practice’ to guide that how a particular job must be advertised.  The job also needs to be advertised in Jobcentre Plus. 

Visa Extensions: 

If you are applying for entry clearance, you will be given visa for the duration of your employment plus 1 month up to a maximum of 3 years.  

If you are seeking to extend you leave to remain and are still employed by the same employer, you do not have to satisfy a resident labour market test.  

What we can do for you?

At Longfellow Solicitors, we will look after your application from start to finish in the best possible way at an amazing low cost.  Your application would undergo the following stages with us:

  1. A detail assessment of your case considering your particular circumstances.  
  2. Explaining the procedure and requirements in more depth in the light of your particular circumstances. 
  3. Advising you on all the necessary documents required to satisfy the visa requirement. 
  4. Completing all the relevant forms and other paperwork on your behalf.
  5. Drafting legal grounds in support of your application.
  6. A qualified immigration solicitor and accredited immigration supervisor supervising throughout the conduct of your case.   
  7. Submitting your application to the relevant immigration office.
  8. Keeping you up to date on the progress of your application. 

Our Fee:

We will charge you a fixed fee of £1000 for our professional services for Tier 1 work permit.   You are guaranteed the best price for the quality of professional service you get.  There are no hidden charges and this is the final amount that you would pay.  

Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone to discuss your matter further. 


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